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"May all who come find peace
May all who come feel love"
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A magical place for
retreats in nature

Dedicated to support mindfulness, meditation, nature connection, healing, arts, music, teacher training and workshops, Michael and Mahadevi welcome you to our retreat centre, Earthspring Sanctuary.

This is the perfect place to absorb nature in its whole glory for those who seek for a magical place to run their retreat for groups or enjoy an individual retreat.

Located half an hour from Victoria, airport and ferries.

The Earthspring Retreat Centre is located within a large nature sanctuary in the Highlands, near Victoria BC.

In this quiet area of forests, streams and open hilltops, groups and individuals can find refuge from worldly stresses and opportunities which support the experience of "coming back home to ourselves."

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Built to connect
the heart to the earth

The sanctuary complex is the centre for spiritual practice, training and growth.

The main meeting space serves as a central focus for groups, and the land offers an extensive trail network and outdoor spaces for contemplation and ceremonial gatherings from multiple traditions.

For those who seek to protect the planet through

non-violent methods of education and building sustainable alternatives.

A forest refuge

A place of rest and rejuvenation for retreat guests, teachers, seekers, healers, writers and artists.


Earthspring also offers a variety of accommodation options including self-contained cabins in a forested refuge, private rooms, dorms and camping.

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"With gratitude for the web of natural life that envelops us.

This Earthspring spot is an eco vibrant place to interconnect between life forms and place of living for the deer, rabbits, crow and little creatures.


Thank you Michael for your vision to develop gently and preserve the balance life-blood of nature rather than impose your own stamp on it!

The sanctuary building is one of beauty and served our group so well this week.

But I also bow to the humble cabin. Waiting so quietly in the woods.

Many thanks to the big life… and its stewards here."

Scott Munro


Participant in WildMind


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We welcome those who wish to offer programs at Earthspring to contact us, come for a visit, and discuss how to make your event a success.

Let us know

The nature of your retreat or workshop, number of participants and prefer dates

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Get in Touch

405 Hazlitt Creek Rd 

Victoria, BC


V9E 2A3

+1 (250) 744-4661

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